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The Princess Bride: Prepare to Die – Board Game Review



The Princess Bride: Prepare to Die


What do Emily Dickinson, Harriet Tubman, Wil Wheaton and Princess Zelda have in common?  They are all potentially correct answers in the newest party game from Game Salute, The Princess Bride: Prepare to Die.

Prepare to Die is an Apples to Apples like party game with a few unique variations.  First of all, it is based on the best movie ever made – The Princess Bride.  The next unique feature is you can play with either a scenario or a famous person as the potential answer.  The third twist is a variation where you play both a scenario and character card at the same time. Changing up the rules gives the game a different feel and keeps the things fresh when playing it multiple times in an evening

The folks from Game Salute sent me a pre-production mini-version of the game and I finally got a chance to play it with a group of family and friends on Mother’s Day.  Since everyone at the table loves The Princess Bride, we were all excited to give the game a try.

Game play is quick and easy for folks to understand which works well in a party situation.  A dealer hands out character and/or scenario cards to the participants before gameplay begins.  The character cards all start off with “Hello my name is” and contain the name of a famous real or fictional character.  The scenario cards state “You _ _ _, Prepare to Die!”  The cards are filled in with unique scenarios like “You Sacked my Conservatory, Prepare to Die!” or “You Sheared my Alpaca, Prepare to Die!” which adds fun and add a cool feel to the game.

The time required to complete a game is variable depending on how many cards folks determine is required to win.  I like long involved games but several of my friends would rather play a shot game, especially at a party.  We played three games (one from each game mode) in well under an hour but it will be easy to have longer games since the production version will come with hundreds of cards.

After playing each of the modes, everyone wanted to keep playing, which is definitely the sine of a great party game.  After we packed up the cards I asked the standard game test question, and everybody at the table responded with an “I would buy this game” as their answer.  It is difficult to make a game that is fun to play, easy to learn, and competitive in nature but that is exactly what the folks at Game Salute have done with The Princess Bride: Prepare to Die game.

For fans of The Princess Bride, party games or just plain fun, Princess Bride: Prepare to Die is the new go-to game.

Game Salute will be initiating a Kickstarter soon.  You can support this and other cool new games from the following link


Written by Brian Cady




Totem Tribe Gold HD Review

totem-tribe-gold-logoDeveloper: G5 Games
Platform: iOS

Akuru, Chief of the Hawk Tribe must restore order to her tribe after a comet crashed into her homeland. To keep rival tribes and fearsome creatures at bay, Akuru must rebuild her tribe in a real-time strategy style adventure and return
the Sacred Totems to the Cradle of the North.

Totem Tribe Gold is a real-time strategy game by G5 studios. Easy to play with fun quests and puzzles, this game is a great introduction to the RTS genre. Attentive players will collect hidden gems to unlock secret treasure chests while upgrading scouts, troops and support units to help protect the tribe.

totem-tribe-2Cute graphics, fun music and a light-hearted story keep the game moving smoothly. The game was glitch free and the music was entertaining.

My only complaint as someone who enjoys RTS-style gaming is that the game was not quite as complex as I was hoping for , but putting that aside, it’s well worth the download.

The game is also available, in non-HD, on the Google Play store.

Check out the trailer for the game below:

Review code provided by G5 Entertainment.

Inbetween Land HD Review for iOS

mzl.thlfthbh.800x500-75Developer: G5 Entertainment
Platform: iOS

Game Description from G5: The city’s mundane rhythm is suddenly disrupted by the emergence of a flying island high in the sky. Though the island initially appeared to be deserted,

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Zombie Toss Review

null Developer: Flying Wisdom Studios

Platform: iOS

It’s the Zombie Apocalypse: there are too many survivors and not enough food to go around. When the locals get desperate, they try zombie meat and boy, is it delicious! Zombie salad, maybe sautéed in a red wine sauce, any way you slice em, Zombie Toss puts you in the role of a zombie hunter tasked with hacking and slashing your way through swarms of flying zombies in order to collect enough zombie meat before they touch the ground. Combos and special items make each level more fun than the last.

nullWhen I was first presented with Zombie Toss review, my first thought was “Oh, great. Another Fruit Ninja.” My fears were quickly put aside as this fun and creative game from Flying Wisdom Studios kept me busy for hours. Using your finger, you swipe and slash through a variety of zombies, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, while trying to avoid slicing open toxic waste barrels and other obstacles. If you can manage to collect the required amount of zombie meat during the round, you are rewarded with Gold Teeth which can be used to upgrade your arsenal of zombie-slaying tools including machine-guns, tank strikes and my personal favorite, the flying cyber-shark attack. null

Zombie Toss is easy to learn and play, but challenging enough to keep me engaged for hours. New updates now allow Gold Teeth to drop during the level, making leveling up your weapons even easier than before. Over all, Zombie Toss is a fun and challenging game available for a bargain in the iTunes App Store for $.99 and for free in the Google Play store. And, of course, who doesn’t love zombies! Check out the preview of the game below.

Game review code provided courtesy of Michael Meyers Public Relations.

Review: Containment A Zombie Puzzler by BootSnake Games

Do you like games wtih zombies?  Do you like puzzle games?  What if there was a game that put those two things together?  There is.  Learn more about Containment A Zombie Puzzler in this review.

I recently acquired Containment A Zombie Puzzler through Indie Royale’s May Hurray Bundle.  Having heard of the game from a number of friends who are game developers as well as hearing about the game being selected for PAX 10 this year and seeing as a part of the bundle, I decided to get it.  Fast forward to July and I finally got around to playing it.

Unlike a lot of zombie games, this is not a shooter.  This is not a see how long you can survive.  This is not a run for your life, you’re going to be eaten by zombies, nor is it close to Plants vs. Zombies.  It’s a true puzzle game WITH zombies and boss zombies you have to fight.

The game has two play modes:  Campaign and Survival mode.

In Campaign mode, you play through three acts which tells a story of how the zombie apocalypse started, what people are doing to survive.  The story is actually pretty entertaining and leads into new puzzles as you go on through the story.  Each act has 5 parts.  Depending on how good you are at puzzles and how fast you are at moving people around in the game will tell you how long it will take you to complete it.  The campaign will take at least 2 to 3 hours to complete.

In Survival mode, you have to complete puzzles quickly.  You get rated on how many zombies are killed, time it takes to complete and how many survivors you have.  There are 3 different survival modes and you can rank up against other s in the game Leaderboard depending on how well you do.

Both versions are a lot of fun to play, but I have to say that Campaign mode gets harder and harder with new zombies and new bosses to defeat at each stage and Survival mode gets harder the further you get into the game.

Did I mention that the zombies can turn your puzzle pieces into zombies?  I think I forgot to mention that.

I mentioned this was a puzzle game.  You get 4 types of non-zombies:  The Soccer Mom (as I call her) dressed in Pink, Army Dude dressed in Green. Police Officer in Blue and Anarchist in Orange.  To defeat the zombies, you have to surround on four sides (corners do not apply) with the same color.  You can surround groups of zombies.  Zombies on the edges only have to have 2 sides (sometimes three sides) before they are killed.  The colors vary each time for the fighters.  As you use them, they disappear and more fill in from the top.  Continue matching colors as you can until you defeat all the zombies.  But you have to do it quickly, otherwise the zombies will keep eating your defenders and you will run out of defenders and lose the round.

You get bonus points for various events in the game, such as if you trap zombies or have a cascade effect. A cascade effect is where defenders drop down into a region and can automatically surround and kill a zombie already there.

A nice feature of the game is you can restart individual blocks in an act, or the entire level.  It’s up to you.  If you fail, you get to chose where to restart as well.

Overall, as a puzzle game, this was pretty fun, especially as it tells a story.  In addition to putting puzzles together, you get bonus items to use (grenades, firebombs, airplane attack, etc.) but you also kill your people with those attacks.  There are also areas where you can interact with the environment to blow pieces of it up.

There are also additional mini puzzles in the game.  For example, in one act, you need to surround several power supplies with defenders of the same color.  While defeating zombies and preventing zombies from walking into the group and turning them.   This game definitely makes you think.

The only downside of the game is the freaky repetitive noises.  The sounds get quite annoying after a while.

If you like puzzle games and zombies, this is a great game to add to your collection.  This is available on PC through Steam, as well as for iPads and other iDevices through ITunes.

For more information on Containment or on the development company, BootSnake Games, you can visit the following websites:

Game Rating: 4/5

You can also check out this video by bootsnake games  to see some gameplay:

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