G5 Sale: Totem Tribe Gold is Available for Only 99¢

ttg_ipad_en_1Starting today, May 14th, 2013 through May 19th, 2013 a wonderful strategy game filled with a mix of adventure, hidden object and puzzles, Totem Tribe Gold, is available for as low as 99¢ on iPhone and $1.99 on iPad. Upon its launch on mobile platform, the game instantly captivated both casual and more hard-core game fans, and was praised by critics. Now you can get this introduction to RTS genre at 70% off on your iOS device.

In Totem Tribe Gold you are tasked to help Aruku, a chief of the Hawk tribe, restore peace and lead her tribe to a better future. The first stage of this epic challenge is Tetala Island, where your first quest is to find an ancient and mighty relic called the “Tear of Heaven.” All in all you will visit 23 islands and other mystic locations during this journey.

At the beginning of each level, your first task will be to build up a village for your people. Workers dwell in huts and are responsible for the construction of buildings and research. You will train scouts and military units like hunters, shamans or archers protect your village against hostile creatures or tribes. Then, you will discover the island, find enemies, complete tasks, and eventually main objectives.

The later levels will bring more challenges and more powers so you’ll be building huts for workers, training grounds for warriors, towers and archery ranges to defeat your enemies, witch doctor shacks to cure the villagers and guard towers to protect your people when your army is away fighting. You’ll also be solving puzzles, completing quests and searching hidden items over Seagull Island, Blueberry Island, Mushroom Island, Witch Island, etc., to progress in the game. Moreover, you can return to any island and find an overlooked object or to gain a missed bonus.

Rich gameplay, evolving storyline, long lasting playtime and attractive graphics make Totem Tribe Gold a perfect entertainment for the whole family. The game is developed and published on iOS by G5 Entertainment under license from Enkord.

Key Features:

  • 32 Enchanted locations to search
  • 22 Adventurous quests and mini-games
  • 20 Precious artifacts to locate and preserve
  • Real-time strategy and adventure game
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