Meet the Staff Interview Series – Silverfoot

Moniker used on site? 

Where did your nickname come from? 
Part of my usual gamer name Se’an Silverfoot, Se’an is my RL middle name and my son’s name. Silverfoot was my attempt at an RP last name


Where are you from? 
Hudson Valley area of New York

What did you do prior to joining UOForums? 
I was a forum MOD on Ianstorm and the MYUO forums.

Why did you join UOForums? 
Both Ianstorm and MYUO ended, in different fashions, and UOForums seemed like a good place to get UO info and keep in touch with players. I wasn’t a fan of confrontational sites; get enough of that in RL.

What are your responsibilities with UOForums/EOGamer? 
As of now, I’m the lead administrator of UOForums..

What are your goals for UOForums/EOGamer? 
To continue the growth of our site in all aspects of gaming, while maintaining a friendly user atmosphere.

What MMOs do you play? 
Ultima Online & Lord of The Rings Online

What console/non-MMOs do you play? 
I do a little XBox COD, but the old thumbs can’t handle it too much anymore *chuckles*

What is your favorite play style? 
Honestly I don’t think I have one overall style, I do what I think is fun at the time: RP, PvE, PvP.
I play games to have fun and relieve stress, really simple as that.

What is your favorite MMO? 
UO & LOTRO…can we say tie?
They both provide me with different gaming experiences I like the sandbox freedom that UO gives me. I also can’t get enough of running around in Middle Earth, I started reading Tolkien about 1964 and it’s always been a part of me. Hell I have Gandalf tattooed to my calf!

What’s your favorite console? 
Basically it’s what we have in the house, what my son & son-in-law play. Again, I don’t play a lot of it, I’ve broken my fingers so many times hand held controls and I don’t get along to well.

What’s your favorite non-MMO game? 
Action Sports Football or baseball sims
I’ve been in sports sims games since 1973, I’m a huge American football & baseball fan. I belong to one baseball league and we get together every year in Pennsylvania for the last 25 years, and of the 24 guys, I’d say about 18 are original members.

What was the first game you played? 
I’d say Monopoly….lol. First computer game would be Astroids.

What is your favorite game genre? 
Fantasy, then sci/fi.

What do you look for in games? 
Hard to explain, but …fun. I don’t want to be guided every where, I don’t want to constantly level or be forced to play a certain way.

What is your “claim to fame”? 
I’m not even sure I know how to answer that *chuckles*, I make a great Irish soda bread !!

Hobbies outside of gaming? 
Reading, music, it’s about all the time I have after family and work.

If you were to design your “perfect” MMO, what would it be like? 
I don’t think you can have a “perfect” MMO, too many folks with so many likes and dislikes. UO gives me all I need in an MMO and it’s why I still play since beta back in ’97. It covers every base, crafter, PvP, PvE. Archery, magery, swords. Even High Sea adventure!

For those of you that still play/played UO, please answer these as well:
When did you start playing Ultima Online? 
Beta – late August 1997.

What is your fondest memory from the game? (this can be a guild event, EM event, something unique that happened, whatever is something you still remember to this day)? 
Geez, there are a lot of good one’s. First time logging in and getting killed by chickens with me RL brothers, having members of our guild over the house for a weekend of beer, bbq & gaming, meetups where I finally got to meet others I’ve played alongside for a number of years.

How long have you played UO? 
No breaks since it started.

What is your main shard you play on and why? 
Chesapeake, been playing here since the shard first opened, I also have had a character and been involved on the Siege Perilous shard. I like the history involved with Ches and look forward to helping others keep that history going, hell can you imagine 25 years of gaming history on a shard, would be awesome!

What’s your favorite character build? 
Se’an my archer, he’s just homegrown and developed his skills over the years by what he used, not by what some template decided he needed. To say he dies a lot, would be correct. But I enjoy playing him this way.

Do you have any interesting character names? 
Not really, hell I named one of my crafters LAMETH, because I couldn’t come up with a name and I thought, at the time, having a mule crafter was, well lame.

Why do you still play this game? 
I still have fun, pure and simple. I do keep gaming in it’s rightful place in my life, so it’s not overindulgence.

If you had one piece of advise to offer new players, what would it be? 
To not try to understand everything when you start, there’s just too much. Decide what you want your first character to be, then build him/her. After that you can slowly add to your knowledge of the game. There is just so much to learn it can be truly overwhelming. They also need to come in knowing this game doesn’t hold your hand, it’s the price you pay to have the freedom to be what you want to be. IMHO

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