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EOGamer’s Third Anniversary

Today, Feb. 17, 2012, marks EOGamer’s third anniversary since launch.  Launched Feb. 17, 2009, the company made up of volunteer programmers, writers, content managers and editors, videographers, forum admin and forum moderators continues to grow.

Since formation, EOGamer has acquired or created the following:
  • Aeonar Minecraft Servers
  • Lineage 2 YouTube channel
This is in addition to launching the site with the Lineage 2 wiki, which has recently been updated to match the information with the every changing expansion Goddess of Destruction, as well as the Star Trek Online wiki, which launched two years ago.
In the near future we will be announcing the launch of another EOGamer news portal focused on mobile games and applications for your mobile devices.
We’ve enjoyed the last three years and look forward to bringing you news, forums and information for years to come.
–The EOGamer Team

Approaching Three Years

Three years ago, on Feb. 17, 2009, a dedicated group of gamers officially launched And while things have changed over those three years, a lot has stayed the same.

Leading up to the three year anniversary, we will be posting interviews with staff of and to allow our readers to get to know our staff a bit better. We will also be announcing some new additions to what EOGamer is doing, including some new gaming portals and new sites in general.

The first interview will be with the owner and CEO of EOGamer, Lord Chaos.

We hope you enjoy these insights into our staff. If you are interested in becoming a part of our team, please contact

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