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The Princess Bride: Prepare to Die


What do Emily Dickinson, Harriet Tubman, Wil Wheaton and Princess Zelda have in common?  They are all potentially correct answers in the newest party game from Game Salute, The Princess Bride: Prepare to Die.

Prepare to Die is an Apples to Apples like party game with a few unique variations.  First of all, it is based on the best movie ever made – The Princess Bride.  The next unique feature is you can play with either a scenario or a famous person as the potential answer.  The third twist is a variation where you play both a scenario and character card at the same time. Changing up the rules gives the game a different feel and keeps the things fresh when playing it multiple times in an evening

The folks from Game Salute sent me a pre-production mini-version of the game and I finally got a chance to play it with a group of family and friends on Mother’s Day.  Since everyone at the table loves The Princess Bride, we were all excited to give the game a try.

Game play is quick and easy for folks to understand which works well in a party situation.  A dealer hands out character and/or scenario cards to the participants before gameplay begins.  The character cards all start off with “Hello my name is” and contain the name of a famous real or fictional character.  The scenario cards state “You _ _ _, Prepare to Die!”  The cards are filled in with unique scenarios like “You Sacked my Conservatory, Prepare to Die!” or “You Sheared my Alpaca, Prepare to Die!” which adds fun and add a cool feel to the game.

The time required to complete a game is variable depending on how many cards folks determine is required to win.  I like long involved games but several of my friends would rather play a shot game, especially at a party.  We played three games (one from each game mode) in well under an hour but it will be easy to have longer games since the production version will come with hundreds of cards.

After playing each of the modes, everyone wanted to keep playing, which is definitely the sine of a great party game.  After we packed up the cards I asked the standard game test question, and everybody at the table responded with an “I would buy this game” as their answer.  It is difficult to make a game that is fun to play, easy to learn, and competitive in nature but that is exactly what the folks at Game Salute have done with The Princess Bride: Prepare to Die game.

For fans of The Princess Bride, party games or just plain fun, Princess Bride: Prepare to Die is the new go-to game.

Game Salute will be initiating a Kickstarter soon.  You can support this and other cool new games from the following link


Written by Brian Cady




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