Zombie EarGEAR @ PAX East

Whether you’re looking for a new set of amazing headphones to listen to your music, or for some hearing protection while you’re on the job, Zombie EarGEAR has the perfect fit for you.

Zombie EarGEAR – a funny name for what looks to be a great product now available for everyone to buy.  They even have a great slogan:  “Zone out with Zombie!”

Making their premier appearance at PAX East, Zombie EarGEAR demonstrated their wares as best they could, but you couldn’t really sample their gear.  Why?  Because it’s custom fit ear pieces that are handmade to fit your ear perfectly.  And while they had some on display, Brian Roseman, Vice President –  Design/E-Commerce, explained to me, the items they have wouldn’t fit me very well because they weren’t made for me.  His were made for him, the others on display were made for other staffers to show on display.

This is what makes Zombie EarGEAR unique, and a bit expensive.  They customize each order to fit your ears specifically.

They have a number of product lines including:

  • CustomZ’s – With these, you’ll be able to take your pre-existing earbuds or bluetooth headset and simply push the ‘bud’ portion into the adapter which is attached to the mold and provides quality sound.
  • GamerZ’s – Whether you’re listening to your iPod/MP3 player or playing your favorite game, you no longer have to deal with the uncomfortable hard, round shaped earbuds.
  • BlueZ’s – Custom made BlueTooth ear pieces, complete with the BlueTooth
  • ShooterZ’s/HunterZ’s – Designed for hunters, or avid shooters, these will amplify certain sounds and suppress noises greater than 80db.
  • SwimearZ’s – Custom fit ear plugs designed for swimmers.
  • WorkerZ’s – Custom fit ear protection for those working in an industrial environment which requires hearing protection.
  • RockerZ’s – Similar to the WorkerZ ear plugs, this is designed for musicians to protect your hearing while you jam out.
  • ZZZ’s – Comfortable fitting ear plugs which alleviate sound and help you to sleep better.

So depending on your budget and what you’re willing to pay for a good listening experience, or protect your hearing, you might want to check Zombie EarGEAR out.  It takes 2-4 weeks to get your order after sending in the impressions for your ear.

It was definitely an interesting product shown at PAX East and something to consider for the future.

For more information, visit http://www.zombieeargear.com

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