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  2. Armor Question

  3. Armor Question

    Just wondering. Does the appearance of armor change depending on the grade? I'm level 24 and I want better looking armor. I'm using Blue Wolf armor at the moment. Thanks!
  4. EU Servers

    Your answer is here:
  5. Hi, I would like to share new Lineage 2 Revolution Database & fansite. Site provides many useful guides strategies and information’s. Site is aimed on NA/EU released version of game so guides and database items came from this version of game. Its a good wiki source of information, if you don’t want to translate Inven pages aimed on SEA servers.
  6. Ark in a nutshell

    This is really the start game of ARK in a nutshell.
  7. Path of Exile: Building a ranger

    I think, that it is a really possible build, you just have to pay huge attention to detail and see what's what. You do need health, but you also need elemental resistances. You need elemental and chaos dmg, but you have to see if they are taken from your physical dmg. A lot of things to consider here!
  8. Path of Exile: Building a ranger

    I was considering getting Natural Hierarchy, but the items you @Gamingo mentioned are probably better...
  9. Path of Exile: Building a ranger

    Then you should consider one of these amulets as well- Carnage Heart or Star of Wraeclast. Both give all element resistances of 10-20%. Voll's Devotion would not be a bad choice either as it gives you some additional life.
  10. Path of Exile: Building a ranger

    I am paying most attention on my passive tree for life and some nodes for increased elemental dmg with bows as well as trying to get elemental resistances up.
  11. Path of Exile: Building a ranger

    And item-wise you could look at the Voltaxic Rift or Doomfletch prism, if you can still get it. Both are great for elemental dmg.
  12. Path of Exile: Building a ranger

    If you play in HC you really need to find the balance between health and dmg, then. What you could try skill-wise is- Blast rain+ Chaos dmg + herald of ice and lightning and add a few more support gems depending on what you missing.
  13. Path of Exile: Building a ranger

    I want to go for all element damage. Plus Chaos damage. I do have a few ideas, but need to get to certain level, to get all items I need. I play Hardcore
  14. Path of Exile: Building a ranger

    It also depends if you want to play in HC or SC there are some builds, that are just not gonna work in HC!
  15. Path of Exile: Building a ranger

    It really depends, is there a certain element you want to go for or is it all elements? I mostly see people going for one type of elemental damage, like fire or lightning.
  16. I recently started to do a ranger build in PoE. I really want to go for all out elemental damage + chaos damage. Is it doable? Or can I only dream about it?
  17. Path of Exile - Tabula Rasa Dropped From Brutus (ACT 1 - Hardcore) View the full article
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  19. Path of Exile - Bye Bye Tabula - Hardcore View the full article
  20. Ive played league with her

    Truly amazing cosplay!!!
  21. ARK: Hatching eggs count?

    Hey I've done 20 rexes, solo, ragnarok official on 2x event. if you have a quick meat runner, this is possible. I used a wyvern. I carry Abu on my shoulder. I go to the swamp. I spend 5 minutes on 2x or 15 minutes on 1x. I fill them both with meat (8k meat). I fly home, slowly, when my wyvern has a black weight icon with only meat. I refuse to sacrifice sleep for ARK, so i sleep 6-8 hours. I hatch in the morning. They are way past juvenile by the time i sleep. I do 2-3 meat runs a day, first thing in the morning and night, and some time in between. on 2x, this is a total of about 30-40 minutes of meat running a day. i do this for 2 days. after they are adolescent, they eat much less. I fill about 10-13 troughs of raw meat. I use a calculator to see how long my rexes can last. Planning is key, and solo raising 20 rexes suck.
  22. ARK: Hatching eggs count?

    I hatch as many eggs as I can fit in my ac ring, once they get to 10% i hatch more, kill the ones you don't want and keep the rest
  23. ARK: Hatching eggs count?

    As many as you can handle at the same time I guess. I've tried - just for fun - hatching like 15 Rex eggs. (since I got a pair wandering around, producing a fertilized egg every now and then) Half of them died, because: too many.
  24. ARK: Hatching eggs count?

    If you do more than 1 and hatch them about 5 min's apart it will give you time to imprint them all just make sure you have kibble ready and nearby you never know which one they'll want. You can do the same thing with mammals.
  25. ARK: Hatching eggs count?

    On Friday right after 2x hit, I, a solo tribe on official PvP, hatched 9 rexes, 4 megatherium, 1 ptera, 3 theriz and an anky. I had I think 3 more rexes but they came out poor so I murdered them. I then proceeded to get 5 hours of sleep Friday night and Saturday night. On Sunday, everything matured. No imprints above 90% cept for one rex that got to 95% I think somehow. The imprint stuff is pretty unhealthy if I can't get 100% even only sleeping 10 hours over 2 days. Anyway, with how consumption is nowadays it really wasn't too difficult. I always had 3 troughs full of just mejoberries and 5 troughs I'd fill with meat. Had to do meat runs every 3-4 hours. Imprint times were pretty hectic and now I need a much, much larger dino pen. In short, hatch as many as you can handle. This weekend I pushed my own limits, but was pleasantly surprised. If it wasn't 2x, I'd probably cap my hatching to 3 or 4 rexes at a time, since after 5 hours of sleep almost all of my troughs were empty each morning thanks to so many animals feeding off of them. Couldn't imagine doing that for a 2 day juvenile and 2 day adolescent phase.
  26. ARK: Hatching eggs count?

    Rex's I do about 4-6 at once. Keep in mind if you're just raising them for breeding more the imprinting doesn't need 100%. It's the stat bonuses/mutations you're after. It's only my final breeding pair with perfect stats and their offspring where I worry about 100% imprint. For the final male & female I'll cull all other babies and just focus on the two... Then after that you do 2-4 at a time or work in teams for more to get those imprints.
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