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  2. ARK: Boss changes

    So when we tried doing it with rex's we didn't get it below 50% hp. I do not believe rex's are the way to do it. As some people have said, the dragon's breath attack does not affect all dino's, that's why my tribe, when we last did it, went on megaloceros (The deer) Believe it or not it actually worked.
  3. ARK: Boss changes

    The solution is 10 people with high powered assault rifles and rexes to cover the attacks of the birds. Only viable way now on official settings. Nothing can withstand the dragons fire breath doing 20% damage going toe to toe.
  4. ARK: Boss changes

    We've been running several tests on our server so far, and the overbread Rex charge does not work on our dragon. Right now we're going for some perfect breeds with the rexes, but the best we have obtained so far on GAMMA dragon is 50%. 50% on one of the easier bosses. We never struggled on any of the other encounters, be it alpha level manticore or alpha level broodmother. Even with just 2 people and our boss army we could beat them. Dragon? Not a single chance in hell to kill this thing. We got one kill during a test cause we bugged him out with the stuck mechanic. Everything else has failed so far.
  5. ARK: Boss changes

    They made dragonalmost impossible to kill a little while before official release but apparently it was still possible, it was just very difficult. The way we killed it (And it may have just been luck, i'm not honestly sure) Is we went in with 6-8 people on bred Megaloceros with the best saddles we could and we brought in whatever high end weapon we fancied and we were able to down the boss without any issue. We did bring 2 rex's on passive though, so I don't know if that influenced anything.
  6. ARK: Boss changes

    I heard from someone that bosses now just move through tames so it's impossible to pin them and therefore has broken the dragon fight. Seems there's no plan to actually fix the fight either. Any other blunders made to the bosses? Has anyone had success on official with the dragon since?
  7. ARK: Boss changes

    I heard from someone that bosses now just move through tames so it's impossible to pin them and therefore has broken the dragon fight. Seems there's no plan to actually fix the fight either. Any other blunders made to the bosses? Has anyone had success on official with the dragon since?
  8. About enhancment

    nice information you have. I never played lineage 2 in pc before because back then when I was interested it wasnt free to play. You had to buy the game to play it. But i heard alot of good things about it and i saw some good videos too. If given a chance i may try it out in PC. What i like about this L2R is the graphics which made me feel like I'm playing it on pc. Bad thing is, like most mobile games, this game is very costly. Many people love and hate this game at the same time but for me, I just focus on the good things, there are more things to do than playing all day. I just play when all other things are done.
  9. About enhancment

    In original Lineage II enhancement fails ended in item being destroyed, that was if you used normal scrolls, with blessed scrolls at first it just went to +0. But it did not cost any adena. And there is something called Pareto distribution so most likely 20% of donators is responsible for 80% of their profit, and most likely 20% of that 20% is responsible for 80% of that 80% profit. That's why they make excuse about whales, and to be honest enchancement system is most likely their bigest money maker, as I dont see anything else that is more important in the end game than this, that require hundreds of materials that are hard to get for free. You need loads of adena and way more Maphr's protection than any normal free player can get in a year. But, without outrage of the community, less donations or less players starting this game than leaving we wont see any change. I dont think it will come soon, but I really hope this game survives for a long time.
  10. About enhancment

    that's why we are complaining so maybe they would change their mind. try finding a game that has as many complaints as this one. it's really obvious that netmarble are the worst at handling mmorpg. ps: Devs said they can't change the enhance rate because it would be unfair for the whales but they lower the chances of obtaining blue rare without announcing it. does that sounds fair for the new players?
  11. About enhancment

    Let's say 1000 players will enchant from 2 to 3, it's 90% so there is a huge chance to around 90% players will succeed(not certainly). yet I don't see around 100 or more players complaining about failed attempts from 2-3 So what's the problem? Even if You flip the coin (50% chance) you can get head even after 20 times. To compare on l2 pc it was hard to get nice weapon and guess what? if enchanting attempt was failed, You lost that weapon and yet I haven't seen many players complaining that it's not fair ;). If everything would be easy there would be no point in grind and play this game at all. If You would find leaked source code that % of enchant is fake I would understand, if almost every player on server had this problem that would sound a bit fishy...but that is not the case at all.
  12. About enhancment

    some games like RF online will even destroy your weapon and all gems you used if you failed. although the level down really sucks here. at least its not that bad. however its going to be great if they just remove the penalty of level down, after all before we get to the point of trying and failed we have already incurred losses so its a bit harsh to get a penalty for failure...just my opinion.
  13. About enhancment

    Did you know that enchancing is a pure gamble? Most people do not know that there is something called the magic of small numbers. Which states that small samples size can give you extreme results. So it's no wonder if you enchance 10 times in a row item and get 10 fails or 10 success. It's nothing weird, just statistics, it would be wierd if you tryed it 1000 or 10000 times and get success or fail all the time. And it is very likely that to some unlucky souls it can take more than 1000 EWP or EWA to get to +30 on one item. It's a gamble, very unrewarding when you get -1 for every scroll you used +lots of adena, and that's what's going to make most of players quit in the long run if nothing will change. But every game is way harder at the begining, same was with Lineage 2 or World of Warcraft, those games are casual as hell compared to what they were like in the begining.
  14. About enhancment

    My item with 90% chance of anhancment being succesful just failed twice in a row! Why does thi keep happening? Why is no one doing anything about this?
  15. Quest problem

    I'll try to explain, because it somehow started working just now, when I wanted to do a screenshot. Basically, on the left side, where the quests are shown, my main quest 'window' showed that quest is done, but when I clicked on it it showed, that guide window is loading and this went on for several days. So I decided to do sub-quests and other things an just now, I accidentaly pressed on the finished wuest task and it worked. Anyone else has had the same issue?
  16. Ive played league with her

    She's good at what she's doing!
  17. Yesterday
  18. Ive played league with her

    Oh boy.... Thank you! That's me there, I have a cosplay page if anyone is interested. I'm also making LoL and other cosplays.
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  20. Coolest cos Costume ive seen
  21. EU Servers

    This is the information I found out about servers: If you choose English language, you can pick Ken Rauhel 01 (is full), 02 or 03 German - Dion Spanish - Gracia French - Gludio Italian - Hardin Turkish - Oren Portug - Ken Rauhel 04 Russian - Deforge So Ken Rauhel 1 to 3 will be a mix of nations.
  22. EU Servers

    Some people enjoy this game, and I'm one of them. Is it good game, I don't think so, but this is good enough game for me and thanks to Lineage 2 flare I like it even more. This game have some problems, but there is no mmo without them, Lineage 2 from NCsoft was way more hardcore than this at first, and it took them few years to make it even better. I learned what I need to know about this game, enough to start the game when Servers for my location start. I could not find any official info about EU starting date. Some say 15th November, some say 20th November. 20th is Monday so that seems more likely, but still hope I'm wrong, and we could expect it to be this month.
  23. EU Servers

    Does anyone knows when does the EU Servers start that we can pre-register now?
  24. Recent update

    I completely agree. Just got this:
  25. Guild Wars 2

    I prefer The Elder Scrolls much more than this, I mean this is not abad game as well, but Elder scrolls, imo is a lot, lot better.
  26. This is ridiculous. They could've gone a bit more creative with the censored symbols tho. But that google translate... just NO!
  27. Recent update

    Probably the same bogus as with red diamond equipment chests.
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