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    Decided to play some League of Legends with Retyx yesterday and asked him to join Team Speak - when i asked him "Do you have microphone?" Thats what he sent to me:
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    Ark: Survival Evolved is easily one of the very best survival/multiplayer experience of all times. It is a game where all CGI goes to die literally, as the devs have made a wise decision to make the game so awesome that they don't need CGI..EVER. (except logo) ALL their trailers and videos are shot in game on real servers. Basically a survival game spiced with mystery. You wake up in a mysterious world with no memory and a strange gem attached to your arm (that itches) and from there you forge your own way, your own story, as the mysteries unravel going from early stone age development to massive buildings in future technology, mixed with dinos, dragons and friends. A very deep game, that allows for so much gameplay across servers (yes, you can travel between multiplayer servers, EOGamer has 4 (soon 5) servers and you can travel between them. (The Island, The Center, Scorched Earth and Ragnarok) Without further ado, I give you ARK: Survival Evolved. If you have any questions about the game, fire away here. WATCH FULL SCREEN Ark Launch 2½ Years ago Arks first expansion - Scorched Earth Arks 3 expansions around the same time Primitive++ - Live without high tech in a lush world Survival of the fittest - Tribes compete in an advanced battle royale to determine a winner The Center - Beautiful new map Ark 4th map launch - Ragnarok Ark goes official release Upcoming expansion October 2017 Oh and don't get me started on the mods, the thousands of mods!
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    ARK: Survival Evolved Ragnarok Map: Scorched Earth Map: The Island Map: The Center Map:
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    Here you go:
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    User Interface looks pretty neat - Last time i played was upon release of Varus
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    Upgrade only Rare items Combine to get rare items
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    New item to increase donations! - Pay 2 Win Game
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    Woop, woop!!! Risk payed off!
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    Most likely get your self a new internet provider
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    Yeah it's mobile device compatible - At first i was quite negative with having this forum platform, but after 5-10 minutes being around and @LordChaos showing some of the features, i must say it's quite neat!
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    Don't know, my game was and is working as usual. I thought you gave up on playing it.