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  1. Path of Exile: Building a ranger

    I was considering getting Natural Hierarchy, but the items you @Gamingo mentioned are probably better...
  2. Path of Exile: Building a ranger

    I am paying most attention on my passive tree for life and some nodes for increased elemental dmg with bows as well as trying to get elemental resistances up.
  3. Path of Exile: Building a ranger

    I want to go for all element damage. Plus Chaos damage. I do have a few ideas, but need to get to certain level, to get all items I need. I play Hardcore
  4. I recently started to do a ranger build in PoE. I really want to go for all out elemental damage + chaos damage. Is it doable? Or can I only dream about it?
  5. EU Servers

    That's actually a good question, I tried to find out but couldn't find it anywhere...
  6. Quest problem

    I'll try to explain, because it somehow started working just now, when I wanted to do a screenshot. Basically, on the left side, where the quests are shown, my main quest 'window' showed that quest is done, but when I clicked on it it showed, that guide window is loading and this went on for several days. So I decided to do sub-quests and other things an just now, I accidentaly pressed on the finished wuest task and it worked. Anyone else has had the same issue?
  7. Ive played league with her

    She's good at what she's doing!
  8. Recent update

    I completely agree. Just got this:
  9. Recent update

    There's a new equipment piece you can buy for red diamonds as well:
  10. Recent update

    So they had another event and yoy can actually get scrolls and Maphrs.
  11. Did they really censored a computer game? I'd want to see that censorship. I mean it's just a game.
  12. Rigged enhancment?

    Just stop spamming Enhance!!! That's what players needs to learn in the game. Also enhancing today is just "ONE CLICK" and there is WARNING about the risk of not using maphr in the bottom; Maybe it would be best if they could put another pop-up window that informs us the risk of not using Maphr to Enhance to give us time to think more, if we really want to Enhance. But, I'm really patient with enhancing I try to enhance one time per day, I know it takes long, but at least I'm not loosing as much as I would if I kept spamming enhance!
  13. Damn these are some great ideas. @Mr.Retyx You have to make a patent of this.

    Well that's interesting. Ohhh, and DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT eat the blue rare flowers, unless you want all the dynos attack you. Made that mistake once.
  15. At least it works! Unlike mine....