Lineage 2 Revolution

Released in 14th July 2017 and developed by Netmarble. Lineage 2 Revolution MMO game is available on IOS/Android devices and played by over 5 million players across the world.

I begun playing Lineage 2 revolution right when it was released in English language and will cover some own thoughts about this game.

First thoughts about lineage 2 revolution were as usual, excited and can’t wait – I was not able to play this game with my device, so i decided to download Bluestacks and go with it. Right away i noticed that this game is available at certain countries and can be installed only manually (via Lineage 2 Revolution APK).

Lineage 2 Revolution is not same as traditional Lineage 2 – Well, let’s be honest, game total size is about 1,2 Gb and designed for mobile devices, but game it self has nothing to do with Lineage 2 at all. L2R is not meant to be grinded, you can’t just simply sit and auto farm all day long, total adena you will receive is about 20 000 adena (12 hours straight farm) – my first advise: “Forget everything about adena farming” – grinding is only for gathering resources.

How to make Adena?

Main adena is coming from Quest scrolls (use only A and higher grades), daily quests, adena dungeons, main quests, thats it. I’ll give you example: “at Level 120 you will be able to make about 400 000 – 500 000 adena per day” (within 2-3 hours of gameplay, just going through your daily activites).

Increase your inventory size as soon as possible and as much as possible. This will allow you to sell C-B grade items farmed whilst your character was on night mode auto farming. All your Red diamonds you will receive from quests and daily activities, use to increase inventory, even if it’s 2-3 inventory space per day.


General tips and guide

Mercenary quest – follow this quest from the moment you create your account. This questing story line will allow you to gain most resources in very short time. There will be some moments when you feel you are stuck with mercenary quest –  but don’t worry, sooner or later you will get through.

Avoid buying equipment boxes for Red diamonds – If i could, this is the first thing i would re-do, i’ve probably spent more than 10 000 – 15 000 red diamonds on them, and received only 1 rare SR graded weapon, that was not even for my class. These diamonds could be spent on reseting daily dungeons for material farming.

Don’t rush with your level – higher level you are, better equipment you need. First what you should do is get S grade equipment Level 30 (don’t worry about rare items). All other equipment you receive use it only to level up A grade items – you can make rare items by combining A and higher grade items (i suggest you to use A grade items). Get as many A grade items as you can and level them up and combine them, until you have full S grade rare items.

  1. Get all gear to S grade
  2. Level up your S grade to 30
  3. Gather as many A grade items
  4. Level up A grade items to 30

There are no Rare jewelry, so try to make full set. I was told to focus on jewelry set from A grade. Another tip: When yo are doing Equipment dungeons – select acessory level up pouches as it is harder to get.


Strategy for Enchanting your equipment

Enchanting – I would say that enchant your normal weapon only till +7 – +8. After, gather scrolls until you will have rare weapon. You dont break your weapons in Lineage 2 Revolution as it was in traditional lineage, upon failure, your weapon level will just decrease. Blessed enchants have chance to increase your equipment by 3 enchantments, upon failure decreases your current enhantment. There are 2 safe levels, once you get your equipment to +10, you wont get lower than that and second safe level is at +20. Once you obtained Rare weapon, enchant it till +15 with normal scrolls (if you got nerves, try +17), after you will use only with maphrs, even enchanting with blesseds, use it with maphrs only, maphr allows to maintain current weapon enchantment upon failure.


PvP and Fortress Siege Experience

I must say that current PvP system is terrible there, i believe it has something to do with ping. If you are player from Asia or southern US, you should be fine, but else its terrible. Skills are instant cast – which makes this game into spaming skills and does not require real brains to PvP with someone. There are some more flaws i’ve noticed as: status setting “Dont attack any player” – will still make your character hit opponent once he hit you and PvP arena is place where you fight against Bots.

Being in clan, is quite important, cause it will allow you to purchase 1 hour clan buffs for 8 clan adena, but downside is that you will be required to donate daily. If you are playing from Europe, it is trully hard to find another player from your timezone, as main players are from Asia or PH.

Regarding clan wars and sieges, as i mentioned before about PvP – it is terrible and hopefully this is something Netmarble will fix in future, but for now there is nothing i can say good about it.

At level 80 – 100 there will be a point where you will realise that game is becoming more of dull, as there isn’t much you can really do there, except daily stuff, going instances, keeping your character online for auto farm – same old all time.


Donation and Pay To Win

Once you’ve received your full rare set and hit level 120 –  you will probably feel that game is becoming “Pay to Win” – Cause you will have option, either you will spend money ingame or continue doing same old for next month just to have 120 armor upgrade stones, to upgrade your gear to rare SR, but i will give you headsup, Asians have latest version where you can upgrade your grade to UR grade, which means another 160 armor upgrade stones (just for armor). Same goes for enchantment, jewelery upgrades, weapon upgrades – until you are forced to purchase topaz to break level limit of your gear ( which is not coming cheap).

In short –  game has brilliant idea of mobile mmo, but as all free to play games, there arent lots you can do and sooner or later, if you want to be competitive –  you will be forced to spend money.


L2R APK (Manual installation)

Download game from Google Play

Bluestacks Emulator

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  • Incredible design
  • Amazing graphics
  • Multiplayer with friends
  • Field Raids


  • Aimlessness in PvP
  • Lack of play style choice
  • Pay To Win