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Offline Raid Protection

Full offline protection
ORP activates 30 minutes after last member logs off
1 ORP per tribe each map


Raid Warnings

Link your Discord Account with this server to receive raid warnings on Discord 

New Player Protection

Get New Player Protection for the 3 first day after joining the server or reaching level 95


Ingame chat from Discord

Having the Ingame Chat Role means you have access to chat from discord to players in the ingame chat.

Cross Cluster Chat

Chat with other players no matter which map in the cluster they are connected to.


Ticket Support System

Create a ticket from Discord.
This allows for more privacy and faster support when reaching out for support.

Tribe limit 6 • No Alliances
Harvest x7 • Taming x8 • Breeding x20

EOGamer Main Cluster – Wiped 7 May

Maps: Genesis, Ragnarok, Aberration, Extinction, Valguero, Scorched Earth, The Island, The Center

EOGamer past cluster  – Wiped 26 March

Season 6 will continue a little while


1999447172 –Super Structures
924619115 -Editable Server UI (WBUI)
924933745 – Dino Tracker
1136125765 – Bitou2k’s Binocular
1609138312 – Dino Storage v2
1896198862 – Remove Croypods
1967741708 – Lethals Reusables
Automated ark:
2007400172 – core
2007447056 – power
2007418454 – Baby Management

Server IP’s

Aberration –
Extinction –
Ragnarok –
Scorched Earth –
The Center –
The Island-
Valguero –


Removed Engrams

S+ Turrets
S+ Autocrafter
Only basic reusables enabled
Most Non-SS structures and crafting stations


Discord Integrator
New Player Protection
Private Message
MAGA – Make Ark Great Again